Celebrating the Mosaic of Diversity

On May 21 a group of professionals in Louisville will be honored at the tenth annual MOSAIC Awards sponsored by the Jewish...

Celebrity Quotes

We caught up with some of the celebrities at the red carpet to hear what they had to say about the Bluegrass...

No Small Feat

For Deborah Morton, what started out as a simple chance to volunteer and help with marketing morphed into an appointment as executive...

Busy Busy Dee’s

Shoppers scurry in and out the front doors with the zest you’d expect around Christmastime. But it’s actually late April – last...

Kicking It

Only four or five months ago, Enrique Montano was still attending classes at San Jose State in sunny California.

When Local is Best

Sampling the many products made in the Louisville area has gotten a lot easier with the birth of a new company.

Spring is Finally Hair

Michael Willis, owner of Lyndia R. Willis Salon knows a thing or two about hair with decades of experience behind him.