Wine Fountain

| September 27, 2010

That really is all that needs to be said”¦.. , WINE FOUNTAIN! , That is the beginning and the end of the tall tale”¦..HONEST! , , But I’m going to throw down the details of the before and after for ya”¦..cause I like to keep it real””dawgs!

Let’s make a quick note of the weekend prior first. , We did the Bourbon Festival in Bardstown Kentucky”¦from Friday AM til Sunday AM”¦..and I got BANNED FROM BOURBON”¦.for LIFE!!!!…..twice! , –and that’s all ya get of that story”¦.

Now back to THIS weekend. , Oh where and how to start this tale”¦.Hmmm”¦.let me see”¦..

I wake-up pretty early Saturday, work around the house, run some errands, do some chores and whatnot”¦.work-chores-work-chores”¦.nothing too fun. , Now the clock is rolling close to 3 and I have my Aunt Becky coming by the house to grab me about 6 for my cousin’s wedding. , I haven’t eaten yet and need to swing by the Kilt to get my credit card- that I left Thursday night. , IDEA”¦. grab a paper and grab lunch at the Kilt and grab credit card while there””3 birds, 1 stone! , , Got half the puzzle done and a salad and two brews in my belly— it’s time to get home and get ready for the wedding.

Oopsie— I was supposed to stop and grab a bottle of Jager – my Aunt Becky loves the stuff and I only have a tiny bit in the freezer for her. , OOP!! , I totally forgot to grab a new bottle”¦.but Beck polishes off the half empty bottle with no worries—YES”¦before we head to the church for the wedding— IS THAT WRONG???…HEY— Catholics drink IN church”¦ Baptist drink BEFORE and AFTER”¦.ha!!!

Found the church— WOWZERS””what a BEAUTIFUL BRIDE!!! , BEAUTIFUL WEDDING!!! , Baptist weddings are very very short, so we were at the reception before I knew it and WHAM-BAMM”¦.. , , WINE FOUNTAINNNNNNNN!!!!! , Had the abs-a-loot best time!! , Photos, food, DJ, dance’n, fun, friends, family”¦.and “¦.. , , WINE FOUNTAINNNNNNNN!!!!! , , Needless to say, come Sunday AM”¦I was hurting— hurting—HURTING, I say! , Dang Aunt Becky!

Soooo I’m now officially BANNED from BOURBON and BANNED from playing with Aunt Becky!!!!….for life!!!….. , , , and officially on the hunt for a wine fountain of my very own…..just sayin….KOOL!


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