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| January 25, 2011

Louisville has one of the most amazing and diverse restaurant and food scenes in the region. The city and its surrounding areas offer a variety of choices, cuisines and specialties. But they are not always easy to find. Be it a sense of modesty, a desire to maintain an allure or just poor marketing, some of the best dining spots in the city need to be sought out.

Traveling Tuesday is the best way to go exploring new restaurants and hidden gems. I started Traveling Tuesday in 2007, and the members all share a similar obsession with food (and drink). Looking for a brilliant, hard to find italian restaurant? Want to try a special “off the menu” item at a popular restaurant? Perhaps a local hideout with exotic ingredients? Ask a Traveling Tuesday member. You’ll get your answer.

Traveling Tuesday members are huge supporters of Louisville Originals, and they are active on the Louisville Hot Bytes forum. The Traveling Tuesday crew is anti-chain and tired of the norm. You may have seen them around adding some spice to Tuesday nights. This is an exceptional group. They share a healthy, at times obsessive, and simply curious interest in food and craft beverages, and enjoy being surrounded by fabulous friends. The traveler’s group is full of familiar faces that spend their days in the varying worlds of design, real estate, art, law, marketing, boutiques, education, PR and styling.

What’s on the plate for 2011?

Traveling Tuesday plans on working with local chefs to create “Traveling Dinner Parties,” keeping an eye on new restaurants as they pop up, exploring areas further into the heart of Kentucky — outside of Louisville Metro, venturing out on foodie field trips to Trader Joe’s and continuing the tradition of keeping our beloved locally-owned restaurants busy on Tuesday nights. Next stop: Westport General Store. Stay tuned for thoughts from the group.

Ashley Dunn is a business growth strategist for J&L Marketing and director of marketing & special events for Hawthorn Beverage.

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