Pet Food Bin

| November 7, 2011

Well, let me tell you why I’ve been missing my usual Sunday posts for the past couple weeks. I got the idea in my head that me and my husband would build a piece of furniture. A pet food box. We needed this because 1. We have a small house so almost everything we own is displayed for everyone to see. and 2. Our cat is a little fatty that will chew through things to get to his food (or the dog’s food).

I got the plans from She posts so many cute things that are super simple to build. I highly recommend this little tool called a Kreg-jig. It makes joining wood so easy. Just read the instructions well.

The plan we used was actually a trash can plan, but we modified it to have two tilt-out boxes instead of one.

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  1. Kay says:

    I know you said that you “made” this, but I didn’t know you actually meant “made” this! I thought you bought a kit and put it together.