Hand Dyed Quilts & Pixel Sculptures

| October 9, 2011

Hand Dyed QuiltHand Dyed Quilts
I spent the summer of my college internship living with my aunt, who is an amazing quilter. Because she lives in the middle of farm country and we had very little to do, she taught me how to sew in those few months. I’ve been trying to find the time/ skill to make my very own quilt. If my aunt can quilt 4 quilts this past summer, surely I can make one in my lifetime…right?

Well, I love these quilts by Kim Eichler on etsy. They are so modern and fresh. She hand dyes them and pieces them by hand, which would explain their hefty price tags.

Pixel SculpturePixel Art
My husband has been creating a game with his family ever since I’ve known him (4+ years now…) but he’s constantly looking up pixel art. He found these amazing sculptures on this blog post. Check them out!

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