Cat Teepees & Gradient Cake

| October 2, 2011

I’ve got two great things to show you today.

Gradient CakeGradient Cake
I love cooking and baking, but I wouldn’t call myself “skilled” by any means (even though I do cook a mean chicken pot pie), but I’d be happy to try this gradient cake found on Not without Salt. I’ve personally decided every recipe I ever make again needs a video to show how to make it after watching this one.

Cat Teepee & Log House
You want one. I know you want one.
My husband and I got the teepee model for Christmas last year, and let me tell you, it’s amazing. My cat loves it. He likes to peek out through the windows at the top and it cracks me up every time. The only one in our house that doesn’t like it is my dog, who highly disapproves of my cat, Jack, lounging in it. It even comes with changeable cardboard icons to put over the door and it’s surprisingly durable. Buy it here.
The cat cabin model also looks fantastic. Buy it here.

Cat Cabin

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  1. Awesome Amy says:

    I made a blue gradient cake – not as fancy looking as that one.. But it’s still cute! :)
    Check it out on my blog:
    A Blog About Nothing