Olivia, Alida, and Chloé- Photo shoot!

Model is Alida Roorda, clothing from Acorn Apparel

Model is Alida Roorda, clothing from Acorn Apparel

I originally had another shoot planned for this week, but that fell through due to scheduling issues. I asked my friends/models Chloé Bell, Olivia Ross, and Alida Roorda if they’d model for me, and they gladly agreed. We didn’t have a definite location planned for the shoot, which really shakes me up because I really like to plan my shoots out before I execute them. We took pictures outside of the restaurant Porcini first, and then ventured down Frankfort Ave to find our next location. We saw this nice abandoned auto sales lot, and decided to shoot there. After we were done with that, we shot at this cute little garden place off of Payne Street. It was a very lively and uneasy experience, but that just makes developing the photos and seeing them even better.

Thank you so much to Holly Gravenkemper for doing hair on all 3 girls, and thank you to Dot Fox, General Eccentric, and Acorn Apparel for providing the clothing for this shoot!

Photos by FRANEY MILLER | Contributing Photographer