The Cap’n has turned on the seatbelt sign

| July 9, 2010

and it’s time to FLY!!!!, ,  I really really(–silly–{see Amy, Dana or I for the explanation to this}) wish I had more to write”¦..but sometimes a picture truly is worth a 1000 words. And this was Friday evening on the way to the “˜after din din cruise’”¦.and honestly with as much jump’n, weave’n, wurve’n”¦..I really wouldn’t have been upset if this boat ride took place BEFORE dinner and BEFORE a stuffed belly full of Cave Springs yumyum wings”¦..

Okay”¦.so my scooter privileges are STILL revoked”¦.but I don’t have to walk everywhere now either”¦.I got myself a bike’n bud.,  And this is no ordinary bike”¦’s a TWO SEATER!!!!, ,  I have always always ALWAYS wanted to ride one of those things”¦.and honey child you could not get me off it Saturday night.,  We “˜dock toured’ for HOURS.,  Makes me giggle—GIGGLE—just thinking about how silly we must of looked—LOVE IT!!!!,  I promise to get a pic or two this week”¦

That’s all I have for now folks.,  Wishing everyone a safe and FUN 4th!!!, ,  —and yes that’s me in the PINK in photo”¦.and NO, I didn’t get to steer the bike”¦.I had to sit in the back—BUGGERS”¦.maybe this weekend”¦”¦just prayin’”¦..sayin”¦.

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