The 90′s Are All That

| July 26, 2011

It’s summertime, and you know what that means. Excessive television-viewing. A couch potato’s dream.

I was expecting four months of the same old re-recorded television shows that I would end up watching at 1 A.M. after I got off of work. Then I heard something that would change my television life forever.

90′s Nickelodeon is back.


Only kids who grew up in the 90′s (and perhaps their parents) will know how exciting this is. You see, it was the golden era to be a kid. While Disney ruled the box office, Nickelodeon ruled the box in the living room. I feel so sorry for the kids of the “Hannah Montana” (and whatever else they’re showing these days) era.

Rugrats, Hey Arnold, All That, Doug, Rocco’s Modern Life…I could go on. Every show was imaginative, clever, and entertaining for kids of all ages. I’ve been reminiscing for years. Just like the death of a loved one, I have been talking about how I would give anything to see them again, just one more time. The god of television has granted me my (and the rest of my generation’s) wish.

Granted, the shows only come on Teen Nickafter midnight, but that’s just the perfect time for the twenty and thirty-somethings to sit down and indulge in our retro (and yes, the 90′s is the new 80′s) memories.

Because even if our love for Tommy Pickles hasn’t changed, our bedtime (thankfully) has.

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