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| May 4, 2011

Ever have one of those moments where you have ONE million things to say……but not really exactly sure of the correct terms….or wording….or maybe if anyone really cares to hear!

Well, I have those moments more often than not—-with one exception …..you are gonna hear about it whether ya wanna or not. Wording can throw me for a loop at times….terms-heck I just make’em up as I go most times; my biggest HUGEST issue is ‘organizing’ my thoughts. I tend to ramble, which makes me in the long run somewhat of a ‘chatterbox’. (Seriously—SHUTIT!!!!…I will sooooooo shut it for you!)

I’ve got a few thoughts/points I want to share today.

LIARS and CHEATS never-ever-never-ever-EVER win. The truth ALWAYS comes to the surface….it might be a matter of minutes, matter of months, matter of years…..but TRUTH always WINS!!!!

“Truth sometimes hurts….but Pain is GAIN”

“Lying and cheat’n are easy…..and QUIT HOGGIN THE UGLY“

It’s okay to be down at times…..it’s getting back up that matters! Life is gonna throw you crap even if you don’t deserve it,

Folks come into our lives for a reason…..like that poem, “Season/Reason(something like that)” Some folks make you smile, some make you cry, some harm you, some help you….keep the ones that matter and learn from the rest.

“Life is too short to cry over did/said and gone”

I never thought I would be where I am today. Life and God has tossed me in many directions other then my own chosen path. You can control MOST of what you have/get/do/will do with your life by how you react to others. Life is too great and God is so counting on you to fullfill your purpose while here. Figure it out and move forward.

I’m stressing moving forward this blog due to my lack of it. My lack of focus on my life goals….Gods goals for me….and the goals of my family/friends for me.

I know you guys usually get a belly roll outta my blogs of life…..that’a be next week. And I have been writing my blogs (only in my head as of late) and need to share’em with you, and will.

Summa is right around the corner, where I do most of my writing poolside or bowbath’n. Winter is hard to find a fixed moment to sit/write/edit/edit/edit/re-write/EDIT…..giggles….after reading several of my blogs; bet’cha didn’t think I did any editing! HUMPT!!! I know my ‘Editor’ sure thinks I don’t….shame on you Jacob, I try!… :O)


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Terra Jackson
Welcome to the wild, wriskly world of TERRA.

The intent of this blog is to share my thoughts, opinions, wanderings about and evenings out. But I would also like to share some of your stories, questions, concerns and opinions – hence, my e-mail address is terrajackson@insightbb.com. Please e-mail me with what you would like to discus or share on my blog, and I’ll try to make that happen. You will shortly notice my “Terra Terms” – yes, I will make up words – but they are fairly easy to understand their meaning. NO, my grammar is not perfect and my spelling is even worse. If I can’t spell a word, I’ll just make up my own because that is the way I roll. So sit back, hold on tight and on with the show!

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  1. DJ says:

    Terra, It is good to hear from you again. Hope all is going well for you! Like it!

  2. Becky says:

    Rock, you have lived the dream life that only you could accomplish. You have been places and done things that only a few of us have ever did. You are right,life loves to throw us curve balls, but we catch it and stop that run and move forward…You are the most awesome young lady I know and with that personality of yours their are only great things to come for you in your life..Smile chick, cause your smile is contagious. I LOVE YOU!!!!

  3. wick says:

    Miss you!!!!! Excited to see at Derby!!!

  4. Andrew Jackson says:

    Its about time you start to focus on you and your future! You spend so much of your time focused on others that what is best for you gets lost along the way. You are a special person and deserve more than you have received.

  5. LT says:

    Terra, Well put my dear. All so true. Hang in there and I’m sure you will find your direction!!

  6. SIS says:

    Words of wisdom… truth hurts but lying can kill a soul… Keep them coming! Always your SIS from another family!

  7. Real Sis- says:

    God loves you so much and so do many of us!!!

  8. G says:

    Good one Terra, I know I could focus more on the positive. Do you really ramble at times?

  9. BIG says:

    I know exactly what you are going through and pitty any fool that would lie or cheat you!

    Your words are encouraging and I look forward to your blogs. I’ll be forwarding this one to my sister! Thanks!
    Smile BEAUTIFUL!!!!

  10. MJ says:

    Well said !!! You are a winner in my book. Keep your “Bubbly” personality and Keep the Faith !!! HANG in there !!!!!!!! I love You !!!
    SHAKE off the curve balls life throws at you and keep laughing and smiling………

  11. Tommy B says:

    Hey hey, Terra J!
    Have a happy derby day!
    If trouble passes, stay out of her way…
    The law should not be disobeyed!
    Your arrest would bring dismay…
    Many would bemoan your jail cell stay.
    Three squares and a cot may seem okay…
    A worthy use of the taxes I pay.
    But you should not engage in foul play…
    You don’t want trouble with the police or CIA.

  12. TOMMY B. says:

    Hey hey, Terra J!
    Have a very happy mother’s day!
    I guess that’s all I really need to say…
    Hence I’ll stop without delay.

  13. Tommy B. says:

    Hey hey, T-e-double-r-a!
    Really love your smiling laughing way!
    If you’d liketa get beers and pizza someday,
    Call me anytime—I might even pay.
    Thus your cost would be defrayed…

  14. TOMMY B says:

    Hey hey, Terra Jackson!
    Here’s a link for good times fun:
    http://beer.about.com/ is the one!
    He sends weekly emails with good information…
    They may help with your intoxication…
    Or at least you’ll have more beer-hydration!

  15. TOMMY B says:

    Hey hey, T-e-double-r-a!
    Happiness is what your smile does convey!
    Your teeth are bright with no signs of decay…
    Do you use Topol(tm), cigars and ashtrays
    To brush tobacco stains away?
    Or are just normal brushing and flossing rules obeyed?
    Thus Cavity Creeps won’t move in to stay…

  16. TOMMY B says:

    I survived da May twenty-first
    I wasn’t raptured—I must be cursed!
    I even had my heaven-entrance speech all rehearsed!
    But when da flood come, I gonna be submersed!
    At least wit all dat water, I not die of thirst!

  17. Tommy B says:

    Hey hey, Terra J!
    Hope you weathered the storms okay!
    Stuff battened down to better stay…
    Homebrew cold if the water supply went away…
    Not kept awake by Prada’s mournful scared bay…
    Lightning didn’t scare ya by flashing night into day…
    You didn’t get hit by hail that was stray…
    Hey hey, T-e-double-r-a!

  18. TOMMY B says:

    The bartendress’s name is Colleen…
    Now that’s a lady I’d call lean!!

  19. TOMMY B says:

    (sorry about the last rhymey bit… that’s all i could think of… i tried indicating this with greater-than less-than signs at the end, but your blog is HTML apparently and that’s an indicator of hash-tags or something like that…)

  20. Joeie says:

    Is that really all there is to it because that’d be flbabergsatnig.