What did you just call me?!?!?!?

| June 22, 2011

Was sitting here trying to write this here blog— had three different stories going…..one about what’s been happening in TeeJ’s world as of late……second about folks and fantasy….and the third was just blah blah blah…..when my phone rang— and YES I did answer the phone…..DONKS!

So it’s a buddy on the other end (as opposed to the ‘sell you a free vacation’, ‘work from home’, ‘could you take a survey’ calls/voicemails I’ve been getting as of late— how do they get your private cell number? HUMPT) just wishing me a good morning day due to the fact my day is completely PACK……anyhoo— so last night we rented that movie “Just Go With It”…and in the movie the main character “Danny” kept calling the ladies in the film – ‘BABE’……..ugh ugh ugh ugh……….can’t stand that.  Actually can’t stand to be called – babe, sug, sweetheart, sunshine, honeybunch, muffin, precious, princess, snookums, sweetie pie, pumpkin, etc,etc  by anyone but my papa and/or boyfriend—and guess what – both of my pap’s have passed.  My name is TERRA…….call me TERRA!……Miss Jackson….if you’re…..GIGGLE GIGGLE….you know where that goes.

Okay- so watching this movie and Danny calling everyone ‘Babe’ the above came up and my bud when we were getting off the phone called me ‘babe’…..with a very quick “Oop, I know you don’t like that – SORRY”…..

Do you know the difference between a pet name and nickname?  I had a professor in college that called EVERYONE – guy and girl alike – SON.  Guess it was more his way not to have to remember anyone’s name, and we all do that from time to time.  You call someone ‘buddy’ or ‘pal’ when you run into them on the street cause you forgot their name, I’m not saying anything is wrong with that.  I’ll be the first to say I love love love nicknames.  They are FUN and a great way to remember good times.  I have given several of my friend’s nicknames:


………so where I’m going here…..and as usually this is just my thoughts and opinion….and that is all I’m gonna say about that – Terra R. Jackson, signing out!

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The intent of this blog is to share my thoughts, opinions, wanderings about and evenings out. But I would also like to share some of your stories, questions, concerns and opinions – hence, my e-mail address is terrajackson@insightbb.com. Please e-mail me with what you would like to discus or share on my blog, and I’ll try to make that happen. You will shortly notice my “Terra Terms” – yes, I will make up words – but they are fairly easy to understand their meaning. NO, my grammar is not perfect and my spelling is even worse. If I can’t spell a word, I’ll just make up my own because that is the way I roll. So sit back, hold on tight and on with the show!

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  1. Becky says:

    TERRA, you forgot your most important nickname “ROCK”…aka “ROCKIN” Love ya girl, wanna see you soon. Holler at me! BABE! Yeah right!!!!

  2. Johnny O says:

    Hey Miss Jackson… You forgot about J-HO. You forgot to text me also! I think you forgot about me all together… wink

  3. Miss M L Jones says:

    Hey there Miss Terra,
    I suppose it runs in the family, because it gets on my nerves also. I even go so far as when a man calls me “baby”, I tell him I am not his baby, my name is Michelle or Chell if you’re my family or friend. Just show a little respect, that’s what it’s all about to me.
    Love ya lots cousin.

  4. TeeeeeeeeJ says:

    Oh my…..sooooooooo sorry J-HO…..we need to catchup SOON!!!!!
    I also forgot my first and fav nickname EVER— DOOLIN……she doesn’t like it so much—but it an’t going anywhere…..

    Giggles – Lisa— EXACTLY!!! You should of heard’em last night at volleyball–I haven’t been called babe, sug, sweetheart, sunshine, honeybunch, muffin, precious, princess, snookums, sweetie pie…more time in my entire life—too funny!

    Gotta love your buds

  5. Tommy B says:

    an interesting anecdote: i was driving in oxmoor mall’s parking lot when i saw two hot female chicitas in mini-skirts walking with their shopping bags to their car… so i rolled down the window and yelled “AWOOO! BABES!” one of them exclaimed, “GAWD!”

    i thought it was interesting anyway…

  6. mike says:

    Did not know u don’t like pet names Sweet Cakes!!!!!!!!! Have a good weekend Miss Jackson

  7. TOMMY B says:

    It’s Kinda Hot Outside
    It’s kinda hot outside…
    Like it is in my double-wide…
    Air-conditionin’ went out like the tide…
    An’ this fan ain’t a helpin’ blowin’ on my nekkid hide…
    Yep, it’s kinda hot outside…
    It’s kinda hot outside…
    Like the seat of my ten-speed ride…
    The judge took my license an’ my pride…
    Jest one DUI stop an’ my drivin’ ability died…
    Yep, it’s kinda hot outside…
    It’s kinda hot outside…
    Alls I can do is sit, sweat an’ abide…
    Heat an’ humidity do preside…
    The fishin’ pond’s where I must reside…
    Yep, it’s kinda hot outside…

  8. Jenny says:

    So when did George become a Professor?