Livin’ La Vida Loca

| June 2, 2011
Terra on the jet.

Terra on the jet.

Most of you know I do NOT get tongue tied often…and to leave me speechless is crazy impossible. BUT…if I could change the font on this site – that BUT would be HUGE!

This weekend…OH MY! WOWZERS! It started off with my buddy sending his personal jet to pick me and a gal pal up – in Louisville to fly us to ‘the pond’ – lake Cumberland. YEP – you read that right…I – Terra R. Jackson – took a J-E-T…10 minute flight – to Lake Cumberland from Louisville. WHERE…waiting on us was his helicopter to fly us to the State Dock – YEP…you read that right… I – Terra R. Jackson – flew in a H-E-L-I …all without spilling my mimosa!  WHERE we were picked-up in his go very very very fast boat…and ya’ll that was just the trip to get to the lake…WOW WOW WOW!  WHAT A WEEKEND!

Saturday night we did a houseboat dinner cruise. Not sure what time we made it back to the dock, what I do know is that the band had some plot against me.  Every time I grabbed a mic to help sing back-up…..the dang thing stopped working  – HUMPT! I do know that I danced so much my calves were almost too sore for me to move Sunday, but since I had no ‘takers’ on “Can someone carry me around all day today?” question I presented to the group at breakfast – HUMPT – I had no choice but to pain it out and walk myself.  (see my life can sometimes be rough)

Needless to say – but made it back to Louisville – safe and sound…but still walking on cloud nine from such a ‘Make Believe’ weekend..

I LOVE MY LIFE – I LOVE MY LIFE – I LOVE MY LIFE…and my friends that let me play in theirs – Thanks Glenn! Tons and Bunches!

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  1. BIG says:

    You have a blessed life Miss Jackson

  2. Erica aka Frack says:

    What an amazing weekend we had. Definitely the fastest I’ve gotten to Lake Cumberland. A great big thank you to Glenn for sure! Such a great host. E.T., Frick and Frack, and definitely out of this world! Good times my friend!

  3. Lisa Forkner says:

    What a wonderful weekend. Although I do have one correction. You DID find someone to carry you around on Sunday but it was our pleasure!! Smooches. Just “Say Ahhhhhh”.

  4. MJ says:

    Glad you had a great weekend !! SLOW down every now and then and smell the roses…. LOVE YOU !!!!

  5. DJ says:

    Terra, I guess you lost my number, cause I sure did not get a call to play with! I do hope to see you soon lady!

  6. Becky says:

    Terra, yes you have the bestest of times and I miss you!!! Save a weekend for me soon!!! Love ya

  7. Tommy B. says:

    Hey hey, Terra J!
    Thanks fer buying drinks Tuesday!
    You didn’t hafta, gosh dern it anyway!
    I do appreciate it and will repay!
    I may getting spoiled by such kindness displays!
    By the way, the hangover did not go away…
    Hey hey, T-E-R-R-A!

  8. Tommy B. says:

    Hey hey, TRJ!
    Does your middle name happen to be Renee?
    Or perhaps it’s Rachel, Rudi or simply Rae…
    It could also be RottenGloomyTimesWillGoAway!
    Cuz your smile and attitude make everyone’s day!
    They certainly take away from me all dismay!
    Hey hey, T-E-R-R-A J!

  9. Nona Jackson Wimsatt says:

    Hey Sweetie you llive your life to the fullest Baby, You only get one trip around so have Fun, and Be Safe ! :) Love ya

    your Aunt, Nona

  10. TOMMY B. says:

    to start, let me apologize

    Somebody farted, yes they did!
    Was it accidental or an auction bid?
    Their eagerness certainly is not hid…
    When they want an item, they do not kid!

  11. Tommy B. says:

    She’s the black sheep of her family
    Despite parental objection she drinks beer freely
    And she’s the life of any party
    Though she’s rather talkative, ya never wanna flee
    Her laugh and smile are great to hear and see
    The black sheep of her family

  12. Tommy B says:

    Need me some Terrapy and to get Jacked Up.
    It be awhile since I sipped from da can or cup.
    Course, she ain’t made none, so I wonda whassup…
    Beer be bein’ ignored like da ugly pup!
    Do she still like da beer wit pizza to sup?

    I said yup!

  13. kentucky says:

    Nice lifestyle if you can get it.

  14. Jigzone says:

    What’s with all the comments Tommy B?