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| November 15, 2011

I’ve always written about what I was doing in life……and I’m sorry for the delay in Terra Times…..but what I have been dealing with is freakin un-understandable for me. I have NEVER in my life dealt with such CRAZY—and to be honest, it’s not really me that is having to deal with CRA-CRA-CRAZZZZY (because those that know me—know that would never happen—have shovel, will travel!) but to see those that I love have to deal with such foolishness- makes me angry cause I want to ‘fix it’ – it sadness me, that anyone –ANYONE- would have such HATE in their heart – it makes me wonder how one can lie straight to your face and not bat an eye – it not only scares me that such folks walk amongst us—but it really disheartens me that we, as a society or as a FRIEND/family, could let such hate exist, nevertheless breath into it.

I can tell you right now— if I’ve heard it once, I’ve heard it ONE MILLION TIMESS…..if you have nothing NICE or constructive to say—say nothing at all!

I can only say that I want everyone to find love, faith and happiness. I am truly BLESSED to have been gifted with the Mother of Mary Jo- I thank God daily/nighty for her and all she has taught me if life, the expectations of life, and wanting happiness for yourself and others around you. She instilled in me the wish and want for my loved ones to have peace and happiness. My Mother is the most giving, thoughtful and understanding person know. And I truly believe, if I am 1/5 the woman/person she is….I would still be 5 times better woman/person than most I know.

So if you have a chance—a moment – to decide to focus on what you don’t have….where you are not….what has went wrong. Re-think—-Re-focus…..Focus on all that you have accomplished….all that you have….all those that love and appreciate you.

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  1. Tommy B says:

    first of all, i’d like to say you spelled ‘saddens’ wrong.

    second, they can lie to your face by not looking you directly in the eye.

    you’re beautiful Terra! if you ever need anything, contact me, Tommt B.

  2. Johnny O. says:

    Terra, You Mother did GREAT! Because you are also one of the most giving thoughtful and understanding people that I know.

    Plus you like Football and Beer! Bonus!

  3. MJ says:

    We All LOVE you Terra!! You are an inspiration to MANY!! Love your blogs!! Thanks for the wonderful words!! I don’t deserve all the kind words – just doing my job like any other mother!! (Tommy B – you signed off Tommt B) just correcting you (ha)…

  4. Jenny says:

    What super words you have written regarding your mother Mary Jo! I know her as well and find her to be a strong lady and I SECOND YOU REMARK “Most giving, thoughtful and understanding person know. And I truly believe, if I am 1/5 the woman/person she is….I would still be 5 times better woman/person than most I know.” I HOPE THAT both you and I you get a little from Mary Jo….

  5. SIS From another Mother says:

    This needs to be re-ran for the new Year… great message, keep them coming!