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| August 12, 2011

Turn your smartphone sideways and the MyWeather app displays clever forecast graphs

By now, I’m sure all smartphone owners have looked up their local weather, perhaps using the well-known Weather Channel app.  I’m also sure I have countless times personally lamented how inaccurate and sluggish these apps could be on occasion.  That’s why I was pleased to discover MyWeather, a newly released weather app for iPhone and Android that is a noticeable improvement.

Visually, MyWeather impresses right away, with a smooth user experience as well as unique graphs and animations that display weather trends over an elapsed time span, even forecasting the way the sky will look in the coming days.  MyWeather recently took their experience a step further this past week when they released an app for the iPad 2 (sadly, first-generation iPads cannot access the app).

But how else does MyWeather separate itself from competitors?  MyWeather offers several reasons why it leads the way for mobile weather apps: their forecasts are 6 times more accurate; their severe weather alerts are more precisely tuned to your exact latitude and longitude; and it offers users the ability to pull and store these detailed forecasts for several chosen locations at once.

MyWeather offers more relevant weather information for your exact latitude and longitude

Beyond the local forecasts, I find these features very useful for monitoring weather at relative’s homes, vacation and other travel destinations, and even outdoor venues where I frequently attend concerts and sporting events.  And now I can sync all of these locations and forecasts between my iPhone/Android, iPad 2, and desktop MyWeather applications.

I don’t need to tell you the benefits of getting an accurate weather forecast in advance, no matter what the season.  And since most of us keep our smartphones on us at all times, we frequently rely on the accuracy of their weather apps to prepare us for inclement weather.  MyWeather delivers the most reliable and convenient mobile weather app you can find.

Ankur Gopal is CEO of Interapt, a mobile tech strategy and development firm.  When he’s not trying to figure out how his smartphone can actually change the weather, he is replying to emails at


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