T-N-T-N-T”¦..great combo!!!

| September 3, 2010

Tim / Terra / Toby……wowzers!

Been a super duper couple of weekends—- with Tim McGraw concert at the State Fair, my honey coming home, winning all 3 games at vball (Pizza Hut Player of the game””ME!!!), , Toby Keith concert at Riverbend, couple pool parties and a crab boil later”¦..it’s MOANday and me’s a wore out little pup.
This week’s agenda is REST – REST – REST!!!! , Got a holiday (long holiday) weekend ahead and a long weekend to celebrate the C-A-R-D-S victory!!!!

Who’s bettin on whom for the upcoming UofL / UK game???….I have a “˜winners choice’ on the game”¦anyone wanna guess which team I’ma rootin for?


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