Smells like teen spirit: my appreciation of Neo-Grunge

| November 6, 2011

Born in 1991, I reached my musical maturity around the mid 2000′s. After dabbling a little in the indie music of that decade, I found myself going back in time and discovering music that my babysitters might have listened to in their CD players (or even better, cassette tapes). The music of the early 90′s was embodied by the “grunge” era. Disillusioned teens with apathetic expressions listened to Nirvana and contemplated their own angst, while wearing dirty flannel and clunky Doc Martens.

That’s how I’ve pictured it for many years, but there’s more to this movement. A reaction to the glitz and pretentiousness of the 80′s, grunge came out of Seattle in the mid to late 1980′s with a flavor all it’s own. While it has some of the components of alternative rock, punk, and metal, grunge originated as an underground movement that aimed to disconnect itself from the popular music of the time. Of course, tragic icons like Kurt Cobain would propel grunge into the mainstream, eventually becoming the popular music it rejected.

While we’ve replaced Walkmans with iPhones, grunge can still be found in the disenchanted melodies of indie music and the fashion of hipster kids. Kaleidoscopic hair has been a trend for a little while now, recalling the Kool-Aid colored mane that Kurt rocked. Goodwill-goodies like grandpa sweaters, frumpy patterned-shirts, and plaid are staples in the cool kid’s closet. And even I (a self-admitted wannabe) have plans to splatter bleach and add studs to an old Gap denim jacket, a sort of DIY fashion statement.

I may no longer be a teen, and it may no longer be the 90′s, but who says I can’t show my spirit? Or apathy, for that matter.

And if you’d like to see The Pixies this Wednesday at the Palace and revisit your inner 90′s teen, you can buy tickets for $42.50 and $49.50 at the Louisville Palace box office or online .

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