Skydiving without a parachute

| February 9, 2011

Look at meeee”¦.look at meeee”¦..not only did I finally skydive but I did it WITHOUT a parachute strapped to my back!!!!! WILD CHILD!!!! , Yep!!!! , No parachute strapped to me—- Noooo sir-ree!!!!

Let’s start from the beginning”¦”¦..So it’s been on the “˜BASKET LIST’ for 2010 all year, correct-doe moon-doe. , But my sorry planning butt waited until the very last minute— in FREAKIN FREEZEN weather to decide to check it off the list. , , —yes, it’s now the BASKET list—bucket sounds so MAN”¦.and I’m sooooo not a man”¦. , , Anyhoo- So I make the first phone call after researching places/pricing on-line.

The man on the other end of the line””very helpful–took my deposit and informed me that if the weather was not “˜scheduled’ to reach above 40 for the day, then it was my decision if I wanted to jump—cause at this point I have an appointment to jump that Saturday at noon.

So its now “˜that weekend’ – have Judds concert Friday night and my jump Saturday noon””gotta leave Louisville by 10am— jumping in E-Town. , I wake to snow/sleet and freeze’n cold temps”¦’s 6am””couldn’t sleep””NERVES. , I call the skydiving establishment and leave a message””I’m no Nostradamus, but even I know it’s NOT gonna reach 40 that day. , I go back to bed to catch a few more winks and wake about 8ish. , I give them another call just to make sure they got my message and to re-schedule for the following week”¦.this little adventure isn’t cheap and no way do I wanna lose my deposit. , For those that don’t know me— FIRST””me’s poor”¦.and SECOND”¦.very very tight with me moolaa”¦. , , :O|

Okay””so now rescheduled for the following Saturday—noon again. , Saturday gets here-POP directly outta bed—excited excited excited”¦..and temp for day is suppose to be something like 56/58—-WOW”¦.get to jump and NOT freeze— PERFECT!!

Get a little lost getting there”¦”¦but really – is anyone surprised by this???….please stand up! , , BOOHISS”¦.sooooo now I can see the building”¦OOP”¦.guess it’s called a HANGAR”¦.okay”¦.I can see the HANGAR”¦and the little planes”¦..and those windsocks on tall poles—orange and dancing about. , OH MY GOODNESS”¦.yay yay yay”¦I’m here—and I’m gonna JUMP OUTTA A PLANE”¦..way way wayyyy excited!!!

Okay””so the guys already got my deposit. , Now he wants the rest of his moolaa—before I jump”¦..I can see his logic here””but still a little creepy-HUMPT! , , To take pictures of the jump—extra $$$$ , – to video the jump—extra $$$

I’ll skip a few of the details this day—cause I didn’t get to jump that day either— clouds were only at 4,000 feet and we jump at 10,000″¦.back home I go”¦”¦.but I have already rescheduled for the following Saturday”¦..let’s try 11 o’clock this time””that way if I drive all the way there again and don’t get to jump, I still have half my day. , Cause that day we actually did our “˜training’ so it wasn’t a complete loss. , Not a loss on either side””I got some training and he got all my money”¦Hmmm”¦..this little adventure has not worked in my favor just yet”¦”¦

Sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo (gezzz I know”¦bear with me here) oooooooooo”¦”¦ , weekend of Dec 19th”¦..had a buds Christmas party the night before””rolled home about 4am-ish”¦.got up at 7am”¦.my Bro-Ho picks me up at 8″¦..Bro’y wants to go now, cause I think he thinks that I think that”¦.WAIT”¦ lost “˜thinking’”¦.OH”” Bro-Ho thinks I’m making all this stuff up—he’s taggin along to make sure—DANGHIM. , , , Plus I got another couple of buddies that are coming and some buddies kiddos’ now”¦..guess they were all thinking that I was thinking that they thought”¦..ugh”¦.never mind – Okay”¦..I am HUNGOVER—-but this is happening TODAY!!! , I roll outta bed—last nights make-up”¦.last nights hair”¦..three pair of sweats, one pair longjohns, two long sleeves t-shirts and a sweatshirt later”¦..OH””forgot to mention””it’s 23 degrees”¦”¦but they said they jump ALL YEAR ROUND”¦.it’s MY choice to jump or not to jump if below 40″¦”¦so I’M JUMPING!!!

So back to E-Town I go”¦”¦.WHAM-BAM”¦”¦.I jumped—LOVED EVERY MINTUE OF IT and soooooooooooo excited to jump again and again and again”¦..


Oh”¦..yeah”¦ can tell from the video”¦.I have no chute attached to my back”¦. Yep!!!! , No parachute strapped to me—- Noooo sir-ree!!!! , , I have a DUDE strapped to me!!!”¦…and that’s all I gotta say about dat”¦..

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