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| November 28, 2011

Harry Potter 8, Transformers 3, The Hangover 2, Pirates of the Caribbean 4, Twilight 4, Fast Five and Cars 2. These are the top 7 grossing movies so far in 2011 and they’re all sequels. The last thing we need is another sequel. But it’s hard to call “The Muppets” a sequel. I’ve never really thought of the Muppets as a franchise. To me they’re just the Muppets. Kermit, Gonzo, Animal, Fozzy, Miss Piggy, they’re staples of my childhood. They’ve been around since before my parent’s were born. I grew up on the Muppet movies, “The Muppet Babies” cartoon, “Sesame Street” and one of my favorite Jim Henson shows, “Dinosaurs”. So needless to say, I was thrilled when I first heard of Jason Segel’s “The Muppets” coming to the silver screen. In fact, I was so excited that I bought a ticket to the midnight premiere last Tuesday and saw it with a group of 8 friends who were all just as excited, some more than me, to see Kermit 40 feet tall again.

“The Muppets” exceeded all my expectations. Still ranking at 98% on, “The Muppets” is about two brothers, one puppet and one human. The puppet, Walter, voiced by famed Puppeteer Peter Linz, is the Muppet’s biggest fan. His brother, Gary, is played by the film’s screenwriter and star, Jason Segel. The sibling’s inter-specie relationship is never questioned in the film, which is huge part of its charm. Some things just are. And in this case, the fact that a 6’4″ human is brother to a 3′ tall puppet that never ages, just is. The only thing that exceeds this movie’s charm is its wit. It had me smiling and laughing (and my friend Jimmy, tearing up) the entire 98 minutes.

The movie's brothers, Walter and Gary.

The movie's brothers, Walter and Gary.

After the brothers travel to L.A. with Gary’s girlfriend, Mary, played by the adorable Amy Adams, they find that Muppets Studios has fallen from it’s once great status and is about to be purchased and turned into an oil mine by the film’s villain played by Chris Cooper (remember, some things just are). It turns out that the only way to stop this from happening is to raise 10 million dollars by the deadline to buy the rights back. The three take the news to Kermit the Frog, who decides the only way to raise the money in time is to get the gang back together after a 12 year hiatus.

For the rest of the story, you’ll have to go see “The Muppets” for yourself. It manages to stay true to the original Muppets while still being relevant enough to attract new viewers. And have I mentioned the cameos in this film? Well I won’t since some of them are just as random as the film itself and equally enjoyable. I will say that they use an actor from just about every popular sitcom on each of the three big networks right now and some other comedians that I was just as excited to see. So go treat yo self to a screening of “The Muppets”. You won’t regret it. Unless you hate great movies.


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