Stetsons are cool

| October 30, 2011
Matt Smith as The Doctor.

Matt Smith as The Doctor.

The problem with being who you want to be on Halloween is that you might be the only one that knows who or what you are. Take last night for instance, I dressed up as The Doctor. “Doctor who?” you might ask. Exactly. The Doctor is the main character on the 48 year old British science-fiction series “Doctor Who”. The show is able to continue in continuity because it’s based on a Time-Lord that regenerates into a new body every time that body fails him. The show is now on their 11th incarnation of The Doctor. What changes with each character is their wardrobe. Some have worn suits, another a leather jacket, Matt Smith’s “Doctor” wears a bow tie and occasionally some kind of hat, so far either a fez or Stetson.

So last night I donned my boots, bow tie and Stetson (fake of course, those things are expensive), grabbed my Sonic Screwdriver and got ready for the night.

I had a few friends join me over here for a Halloween photoshoot, which failed when I realized my battery was dead in my camera and that my charger was at work. Luckily we all have smart phones that worked in a jam. After taking pictures we went to a Day of the Dead Halloween party where a few people recognized my costume. Mainly just because they’re my friends and also nerds.

My Doctor costume.

My Doctor costume.

Next up was Jim Porter’s Good Time Emporium, yes the cougar bar. Have you ever been? Don’t answer that. Needless to say I wasn’t recognized as The Doctor but I did get felt on by an older intoxicated lady.

After playing fifth wheel there for an hour I ended up at PRIME Lounge with a co-worker where I was called a cowboy in the bathroom.

I left my co-worker behind and headed to Zanzabar where I left after standing in long line to get in for 5 minutes. No Doctor love there either.

I finally ended up at my favorite neighborhood bar, Nach Bar, where after an hour I was finally recognized as The Doctor. I was so happy to run into a fellow Whovian that I even gave her a hug. I finally settled in at Nach and stayed until they closed at 4 a.m., which I haven’t done in a year.

Did I mind that no one knew who I was? Nope, because bow ties and Stetsons are cool no matter who you are.

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