| December 3, 2011

KidnappedThe best part of being home sick is having no obligation other than getting some R & R and being as lazy as possible. So this week after getting diagnosed with an upper respiratory infection (still recovering) I hit the couch and took to Netflix to pass time. After going through the hundreds of TV shows and movies in my queue, I finally decided on revisiting NBC’s “Kidnapped” which only aired for 13 episodes in 2006.

I remember seeing and enjoying a few episodes of “Kidnapped” back in the oughts, but never got resolution before it was canceled after just 5 episodes. Luckily for me, they had already filmed 13, which can now be purchased on DVD for under $9 or streamed through Netflix.

This is one of those shows that every episode will feature at least one actor who back then was nobody but has since been on one of your favorite shows. This happened so much that I actually went to IMDB and made a list:

  • Timothy Hutton (Leverage)
  • Dana Delany (Body of Proof)
  • Delroy Lindo (The Chicago Code)
  • Michael Mosley (Pan Am)
  • Robert John Burke (Rescue Me)
  • Doug Hutchison (LOST)
  • Anthony Rapp (RENT)
  • Giancarlo Esposito (Breaking Bad)
  • Titus Welliver (LOST)
  • Amy Ryan (The Office)
  • Desmond Harrington (Dexter)

While these are all fine co-stars and guest appearances, the star of the show is actually Jeremy Sisto; Who’s been in everything from “Six Feet Under” to “Law & Order” and is currently starring in ABC’s “Suburgatory.” One of my favorite actors, whose father is actually local jazz musician Dick Sisto, even makes a nod to Louisville in the pilot, when he discusses with co-star Delroy Lindo how you properly pronounce our lovely city’s name.

Jeremy Sisto

Jeremy Sisto starred as "Knapp", an ex-FBI Agent who was hired to retreive a kidnapped teenager.

The plot of the show is pretty simple. Rich kid gets kidnapped. Kidnappers tell parents not to call the cops. Parents hire ex-FBI agent Knapp to retrieve rich kid. What isn’t simple are the twist and turns, overlapping storytelling and the ability to make you turn on the next episode the moment the one you’re watching hits the credits.

As I type this I’m actually only on episode 8 of the 13 they filmed. So I can’t vouch for the ending of this action/mystery/drama, but I can vouch for it’s great storytelling and acting. Definitely worth a watch if you’re laying at home with a cold, which I’m guessing you are since you’re reading my blog on a Saturday.

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