My butt is so very popular

| November 23, 2010

As of late— and I’m guessing because of my cell phone case—but my butt has been making and receiving more phone calls and text messaging than I. , RIDICULOUSLY- to say the least! , HUMPT!!! , So if you receive a call from my bum”¦.please ignore and hang-up—no call backs peazzz and tank ya!

Ok””now”¦”¦keeping with the times”¦..

What are you THANKFUL for??

I would like my fab folks/friends and whatnots to post on this blog what they are most thankful for”¦..

Thanks and Happy Happy Thanksgiving to all~

—What I am most THANKFUL for—

MY FAMILY! , I’m not just talking my nearest””Mom and Sis””but my entire family. , My crazy aunts, oh so funny cousins, niece, great aunts and new second/third cousins, and such.

I guess I have always taken it for granted that “˜families’ are just like mine. , Loving, giving, understanding, worried, happy, TOGETHER. , We kiss, we hug, we call each other to say “HELLO””Do you ever come visit?”"¦.we’ll tell you “Looks like someone is gaining weight”"¦.then turn around and offer ya a piece of cheesecake.

My family is the first to come help paint”¦.or offer to help ya move.

I’ve always said”¦.and I’ll say it til I’m covered with dirt “If I am only half the woman my Mother is, then I am still 5 times more a woman then most I know”

I am truly blessed to have been born to such wonderful human beings”¦.honored to call them FAMILY”¦”¦BLESSED to call them FRIENDS!!!

“¦”¦just sayin”¦..and tearin’ up a weebit too”¦..I love you mannn , :O) , oxox

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