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| August 20, 2010

First let me apologize for not,  posting lately—but peeps— life is crazy right now”¦..and I know those are more so the times I should be writing about”¦.but gosh-g-golly”¦.where the heck does all,  the time go??!?!!?!

I downsized last year from my house,  to a little two bedroom/two bath condo—- I really still needed a “˜yard’ for,  Miss P-Chica (Prada-my doggie) and a garage for my motorcycle”¦..but for the,  most part— NO MORE YARD WORK (kind of) and cut my dusting/mopping etc to,  half”¦.or more like 1/3″¦..and ya know what—- place is still a wreck!!!, ,  My “˜court yard’ when I moved in,,  a little over a year now, looked like a Japanese garden”¦with weeping cherry,  trees, blackberry bush, flowering bushes, flowering trees, fountains and whatnot”¦.well, NOW”¦.looks more like the Congo. As far as the,  garage”¦..well”¦..yeah”¦.no comment!!

Life is way too busy for the domestic stuff— I NEED A,  WIFE!!,  No time for laundry, for,  grocery shopping, for”¦..ANY home chores”¦..

No A/C

My a/c went out,  a couple weeks back— BEST folks in the world to deal with—,  Louisville Mechanical -, ,  www.louisvillemechanical.com, , , ,  –HIGHLY,  SUGGESTED!!!

Back on Point

Okay— back to my lost P”¦..and busy,  crazy with life”¦”¦,  Not sure,  exactly when I spent the last weekend in town— I know for a fact I was home July 31st weekend””that was TASTE— which we KICKED @SS!!!!, ,  THANKS to all that supported our,  committee with their efforts hosting such a wonderful event””to the American,  Cancer Society””MAUH MAUH!!
–Folks””I am really TRYING to get,  this blog out— so much to catch you up on — seems like I’m ramblin”¦.and ya,  know what”¦I AM!!!,  Oop!… Bear,  with me”¦.

Trying to think if I have any pics,  for the last few weeks to go with post—I’ll look”¦..
But anyhoo—- spent weekend in Lexy,  at the Griffin Gate for a bud’s 40th”¦.only thing I like better than,  laying by/on water”¦.is being WAITED ON when laying by/on water”¦.YAY!!!,  “Yes, I’ll take another something,  something”¦can the umbrellie be pink this time??”, ,  :O)

Was a part of setting the world,  record tie up”¦.,  not sure if I,  should explain””or just let ya wonder, ,  –teehee., ,  Wonder,  away”¦.which this adventure really leads me to loosing my P”¦”¦and W”¦..and,  A”¦..
O’tay”¦.the,  “˜tie-up’,  or raft-up”¦.was a,  thingie at the lake last weekend”¦.and my phone might of gotta a weebit wet—,  how is really NOT the point”¦.but anyhoo”¦.texting since the “˜accident’ has been,  somewhat a challenge””since my P, Q, L, A”¦.and randoms don’t always work”¦.they,  require much more effort— so if you receive a text that is P’less”¦..you now,  know why”¦..

So glad it’s football season.,  YAY to MNF”¦.YAY to FANTASY,  TEAMS”¦

Oh”¦.and doing the Kidney walk for my,  sissy— check out our site and walk with us.
It’s Oct 3rd”¦so,  clear your calendar and come join us””meet the family and Miss P”¦.great,  morning”¦”¦for a great cause”¦. :O), , ,  –just sayin’

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