HELLride, Huber’s, and Who Dey””kind of weekend”¦.

| November 16, 2010

Day after,  day”¦after night”¦.after day”¦.people completely surprise me.,  Take a breath!!,  Stop to look around”¦.breathe deep,  and take it -take THEM in., ,  Folks are wonderful., ,  With their intentions, wishes and gifts.,  We all – in are own way GIVE,  BACK.,  Some do charity work by,  volunteering or donating – some give back by helping co-workers or neighbors,  with everyday chores/life – some give back by being a positive example of,  life/career.,  Just when you,  think you have seen it all- WHAM-O!!, ,  Someone outta left field does something completely selfless for,  others”¦.they don’t even know.

It comes,  in shape of the FREAK’N FUNNEST FALL event EVER!!!,  When you don’t even know you’re,  giving”¦.when all you are doing is having a BOO-BLAST!

I’ve been,  going to a “˜HellRide’ my buddy puts on for years—YEARS, I say”¦.and,  honestly”¦.I knew he did it for M.S. but I truly never really put two &,  two together.

Every,  year my ghoul’n gang shows up for the HellRide (hayride””but SPOOKY)”¦we share,  in the festivities of yum-yum chili, stories around the bonfire, hayride,  with witch brew and fab fun”¦.we all donate our ten bucks but never really,  think where that moolaa might be heading.

I’ve,  helped Thad a few times “˜set-up’ this shin-dig and the labor that entails,  for such a flawless night is crazy., ,  The barn is used daily as a farm tool””so when turning it into the,  “˜host’ of the hellride party””it requires moving tons of tools and equipment,  – sitting up of tables & tables for folks to sit/mix/mingle to eat/drink,  – the paths for the hayride must be bushhogged, wagons (plural- cause this,  hoop-la is HUGE),  brought in,,  hay bales positioned on the wagons & around the bonfire, tractors and,  quads sitting on ready, port-a-pots stationed close by, manage,  friends/family that are bringing goods (such as chili, bowls, plates,,  spoons, napkins, table clothes, etc”¦)””and the obvious of setting the date,  and getting the work out.

Where the,  heck is this hayride story going”¦well, Thad – the country pumpkin – with,  help of family/friends do all this hard-dedicated work for their community,  to get together to enjoy the outdoors and donate to a great cause”¦..this,  stories purpose””KUDO’S to Thadus!!, ,  And CHALLENGE to YOU!, ,  -Think of a reason/event/opt to get folks together for a chance to,  GIVE BACK.




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