Have you been JACK’ed UP lately???

| December 8, 2010

Well, let me just tell ya”¦”¦

I started my first brew batch Sunday— the entire process will take about three weeks. , This all started”¦..the thought and want of wanting to brew my own beer started about a month ago. , Buddy of mine brews his and has brought me a couple of different flavors””YUM!! , So another buddy of mine and me decided””LET’S DO IT!!! , HUMPT!

So we did his first batch at his home””all three of us together. , Just to get little pointers from our buddy the Brew Master”¦..and heck””just to hang out and fail together””HA!

JHo, the other first timer, decided he wanted his first batch to be American Light”¦..which guessing is somewhat like Bud Light. , Pretty easy to make””not much ingredients. However this first time experience was supposed to take about an hour or so”¦.took the 3 Amigo’s just OVER 5 hours. , JHo’s wifey didn’t want us smelling up the entire house so we used the downstairs bar area—with hot plate – took us almost two hours to get the water to boil. , Boiling water very-very important in brew making—giggles! , Thankgoodness his brew batch of choice didn’t require much managing.

The brew I choose on the other hand—HELLO!!! , , Let’s just start with the ingredients list first”¦..brewing yeast, flavoring hops, gold bittering hops, crushed chocolate, black malt grain, crushed caramel, sweet orange peel, cinnamon, cardamom seed, dried malt extract, light malt and priming sugar”¦..REALLY?!!!?! , Okay”¦..then you have things such as: , Original Gravity, Specific Gravity, Hydrometer, Fermenter, Airlocks and whatnots”¦..Okay-Okay”¦.then”¦..you have timing issues that focus around temperatures””WOWZERS”¦.when “˜wort’ gets to 150-165F do this”¦.then once at gentle rolling boil do this”¦.cool wort to 70F by doing this”¦blah, blah, blah, blah, blah-blaaaaahhhhhh”¦”¦.not to mention EVERYTHING that comes in contact with wort has to be sanitized – before, after and during”¦..

Brew-Ha-Ha is currently fermenting- then my FG reading will be recorded in my ABV% Calculator before bottling”¦”¦.so now”¦”¦..with all that said”¦.and half done”¦..


Below is my Brewing Label”¦..it’s a spin off my last name— likey??

Oh, yeah—- I plan to skydive this Saturday”¦”¦and guess I’ll bottle my brew come Sunday. , Anyone wanting to “˜take the plunge’ with me Saturday— jumping in E-Town””class starts at 11am”¦..we’ll jump about 3ish”¦..DRESS WARM!!!……and stop giving me that look! , I know it’s gonna be freakin freeze’n”¦”¦but this is the last of my bucket list for 2010 – remember – Scuba, Snowboarding and Skydiving”¦”¦

WORT: [wurt, wawrt] -noun - the unfermented or fermenting infusion of malt that after fermentation becomes beer or mash.
Origin:bef. 1000; ME; OE wyrt; , c. G Würze , spice; akin to wort 2

YES”¦..I had to look it up! , Dictionary.com”¦..there’s an App for that!!!”¦”¦just sayin!

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  1. Tommy B says:

    munich helles quite tasty!
    at least it’s bodacious to me
    it might be my favorite, mebbe you’ll agree

  2. Tommy B! says:

    Hey hey, T-e-double-r-a!
    I finally brewed Dortmunder today.
    Best beer I’ve drank—my opinion is swayed.
    It’s the best homebrew in the Milky Way!
    It should be ready in 2 weeks or so I’d say.
    I’ll get ya a bottle or 2 without delay.
    You won’t be disappointed or have dismay.
    You won’t be arrested by the DEA.
    Away from Imperial Blonde Ale you may even stray.
    Hey hey, Terra J!

  3. Tommy B says:

    It just ain’t for me.
    In fact, just look and you will see
    I’m often drinking greedily…
    When the beers are cheap or better, free.
    I REALLY like those who provide for me
    A lack of sobriety!

  4. Tommy B says:

    Would cause me insanity
    Plus layoffs at the local beer dispensaries
    My drinking is vital to the economy!
    And unemployed libation distributors are depressing to see
    That is the reason I flee
    From sobriety.

  5. TOMMY B says:

    Hey hey, T-e-double-r-a J!
    I might see ya at BoomBozz later on today!
    I’ll bring a couple homebrews too, okay?
    Freshly bottled so don’t refrigerate yet, eh?
    Or they might not get carbonated which’ll bring dismay…
    They should be ready after a week or so delay.
    Nut Brown Ale and Dortmunder are the names they’d say.
    But they aren’t alive and don’t know human anyway.
    Hey hey, Terra J!