Grass is always greener…

| October 28, 2010

There are a ton of sayings that just don’t make a hill of sense to me.

“Grass is always greener on the other side of the fence” is just one of “˜em .,  I can’t say that I have an issue with the saying”¦..I actually find it quite true—and a motivator in some ways., ,  If the grass is greener elsewhere—- what’cha gonna do about it??…..,  You got two—maybe three options here.

1. Just enjoy,  the view of someone else’s greener grass

2. Jump the,  fence and enjoy someone else’s greener grass

3. Work to,  improve your grass””make it greener””thicker – fuller

Now, personally – options 1 & 2 just would not work for me.,  Some choose option 2 more than should””issue with that””you can enjoy someone else’s green grass for only so long””and without work and investing into keeping grass green/full”¦.you will soon be back to having the lesser grass.

Did that make sense??, ,  Do I make sense??,  It’s not like I don’t have tons on my plate to contemplate or worry about””beside trivial little things such as greener grass—– TRUST ME— it’s been one heck of a month—ugh”¦”¦.. but sometimes you just gotta throw things out there”¦..hence, PITCH!

Can someone tell me where the phrase “Naked as a J-Bird” comes from??….

Last year about this time I was on the TERRA TIDDIE TOUR”¦”¦which was way super fun”¦..but mentally, physically and monetarily taxing.,  Thus this year—-Starting SUNDAY”¦.I am going to be good to me— it’s back to the gym, back to yoga, and away from the “˜beverage’”¦”¦.So come Feb 22 – we can celebrate my B-day and my dedication to health- mental/physical – YAY!, ,  I’m telling you all this to hold me accountable—- so now it’s ON”¦”¦like Donkey Kong”¦..

And what about that sayin “Where there’s a Will”¦.There’s a Way”"¦”¦.ahhhh POO!!!,  I like “Where’s there’s a Will”¦”¦I wanna be in it!”"¦..mucho mucho better”¦..just sayin

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