Lost in the fifth dimension: addicted to The Twilight Zone

| November 21, 2011

From the famous episode "The Eye Of The Beholder"

While I definitely get my fill of television, I’m not someone who becomes hooked on the next new show. Sure, I will flirt now and then with “How I Met Your Mother”, “Futurama”, and “Reno 911″ (and a recent “Will & Grace” fling) but I’m not really hooked on any show on the air right now. Instead, I found love in “The Twilight Zone”.

Thanks to Netflix, I’ve begun watching the classic television program, starting with the first episode. Perhaps it’s the 60′s nostalgia that I love so much, but I also believe that the stories, especially the quintessential twist at the end of each episode, are what enthrall me. My favorite episode so far has been the “Time Enough At Last”, in which a sweet book worm of a man with no time to read becomes the last human alive on earth, with all the time in the world. But of course, like every episode, there’s a catch.

I believe what made this series a groundbreaking work of art, besides being one of the first television series to focus on the paranormal and sci-fi, was that every episode focused on a basic human need, desire, or weakness. Many episodes deal with loneliness, arrogance, and the tried-and-true saying,”be careful what you wish for, because you just might get it”. And when we can relate to a character, even if he happens to be an alien or android, we have an emotional interaction that goes far beyond the capacity of the common coach potato.


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