Flashback: The Carpenters

| November 30, 2011

There’s something about 70′s music that makes one feel happy and content. Perhaps it was a better time, a simpler time. Or maybe it’s the interesting fashion of the era.

Because how could anyone wearing a polyester vest with a frilly shirt be concerned with the hard knocks of life?

The Carpenters were a band that used sunny melodies with sometimes somber lyrics to create songs that could make you smile or cry, depending on your mood. Listening
to their music, I am struck by the purity of Karen Carpenter’s voice. In this voice-modulated age, we rarely hear pipes like that anymore. While she is mostly known these days as the poster child of anorexia, let us not forget that she was an artist who made a huge contribution to popular music. And how can you not love the videos, with the cheesy sets and shaggy haircuts?

And if you haven’t heard it, this is “Superstar” (my personal favorite).


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