Confessions of a Voiceover Actor

| September 27, 2011

“You just have to know what you want bad enough and want it worse than everybody else.”

Who would’ve thought Porky Pig was so insightful? Well, technically it’s Bob Bergen (the voice of Porky Pig) behind that quote. I interviewed Bob for this week’s article on Louisville’s International Festival of Film, and what I ended up with at the end of our conversation was a feeling of inspiration that I felt I should share with anyone who’s reading this.

Before I continue, I suppose I should introduce myself. For those of you who don’t know, I’m the staff writer at The Voice-Tribune. I write articles for our weekly newspaper and starting today, I’ll be writing a blog for you to (hopefully) enjoy each Tuesday.

I’m not exactly sure what I’ll specifically be writing about each Tuesday, but I like to  go with the flow so if I tell you one thing today, it’s likely to change tomorrow. In any case, what I decided to write about this Tuesday is the surprising insight I came across while interviewing a few successful Hollywood actors as I worked on this week’s cover story on the LIFF.

Bob Bergen, voice of Porky Pig

Though I was interviewing actors on why they were coming to Louisville for the festival, I couldn’t help but wonder how they achieved their high level of success. So I asked them. I got some great answers from all of the actors I spoke to, but Bob’s answers stuck out and once I heard what he had to say, I kept thinking about it days later.

I’m not quoting actors just to quote them. I want you to hear what Bob had to say in hopes that it will help you or inspire you, too. Bob is a guy who knew from his childhood exactly what he wanted to do, and he set out to do it without any fear of rejection.

“Most people don’t succeed because if they’re honest they’re not putting their all into it for fear of rejection,” Bergen said. “You can’t be afraid of rejection. People don’t dive in and take a bite out of life because they see reality; they’ve got parents who say ‘You’ve got to do something to fall back on,’ and ‘What if?’ I just never wanted to be 75 years old and go, ‘Gosh what if I had given that thing a shot? What would I have done with my life?’ Don’t worry about anybody else doing it. Just (worry about) if it’s right for you.”

His advice doesn’t just apply to acting; it’s fitting for just about any goal or dream a person can have. And so if you happen to read this blog on Tuesday evening, or tomorrow or Thursday, I hope you consider what Bob has to say.

If there’s something you haven’t accomplished in life, I hope you decide to go after it with full force. It won’t always be easy and won’t be free of disappointment or setbacks, but if Bob Bergen has proven anything, it’s that  hard work, determination and a fearless attitude toward failure will take you to the top.  Whoever said childhood dreams can’t come true, obviously hasn’t heard Bob Bergen’s story. And if there’s a childhood goal you’re still secretly dreaming of deep down, I hope one day the doubters will hear how you defied the odds, as well.

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