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| August 18, 2011
In my dorm, before a night out.

In my dorm, before a night out.

No matter where we choose to receive our higher education, most college co-eds have the same experiences.

After graduating from a small, independent school in Louisville in 2010, I moved out of my beautiful PRIVATE bedroom and gorgeous house with parents occasionally cleaning up after me, to a miniscule dorm with a stranger for a roommate and no one but my self to clean up my messes.

Almost all of my high school graduating class went out of state for college, each to a differently sized, differently cultured and differently located school. But, when we all reunited for the first time in November, comparing our new and – for the most part – improved lives, we realized that we mostly shared the same experiences. We all had crazy roommate, professor and frat party stories to share; we all spent way too much money during the first weeks; and we all loved the dining hall’s soft-serve ice cream and nothing else.

College Confab is my way of using my success, trials and tribulations to your benefit. The word confab is defined as “an informal private conversation or discussion.” I chose the word for the obvious alliteration, but also because I want parents, students and prospective students to use me as a source for advice. If you have a question, I want to answer it. I’ve been through it all – Welcome Week craziness, registration woes, great professors, horrible professors, Greek life, roommate issues, you name it.

So check in each week for a new and exciting confabulations from your college guru, me.

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