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| October 4, 2011

I could get straight C’s, get fired from my internship and babysitting job, and lose all my friends this semester. But at least I’ll have accomplished one goal: not getting sick.

Now, I know none of these horrible scenarios will actually happen to me but I’m just trying to make my point clear. I’m not much of an exaggerator as you can tell.

I really have improved, though, in my overall well being compared to freshman year. Anyone who knows me can attest to that statement – especially my family and former roommate.

It all started the third week of first semester, right after Labor Day weekend. Sunday night I started to feel very achy and cold. My throat felt like knives were cutting into it when I swallowed. I had no energy. By the next day I was officially on my deathbed (again, one of my infamous exaggerations). I went to the Health Center (famous for being incredibly sub-par) and was told I had Strep Throat and possibly the dreaded Mononucleosis.

Luckily I have family in the area that allowed me to continue dying in the comfort of their home instead of my dorm room, which was still unfamiliar and uncomfortable territory in those early days.

I was sick for about two weeks. During that time I lost about 10 pounds, wore zero makeup and slept for approximately 1,000 hours (you get the idea). Here is a lovely photo of me during this wonderful time in my life. Though I’m utterly humiliated by it, I wish to use my story – and hideousness – as a cautionary tale for all you future and current freshmen who think taking vitamins is a waste of time.

Don't end up like this girl. Take care of yourself.

Don't end up like this girl. Take care of yourself.

Take your vitamins, people! This bout of strep was only the first of several I had throughout the year. Serously. All in all, I had Strep Throat three times during my freshman year, one of which was during move out. Do you know how tiring, infuriating and tear-evoking it is to have to pack up your entire life when you can barely move to begin with? I do!

And it’s not like I’m an unsanitary person. I shower every day, sing “Happy Birthday” two times every time I wash my hands and regularly sanitize before and after I take the metro. You might as well call me a germaphobe. My immune system just wasn’t used to being around germs all day every day living in the dorms.

Well, I’ve learned my lesson. I take a Women’s One-a-Day Vitamin every single day. And I can almost guarantee I’d have been sick by now if it weren’t for them. Already this semester, my roommate has had the same horrible cough for the past three weeks and was diagnosed with some kind of virus and eye infection. Guess who doesn’t have any of those things. This girl!

Take 'Em.

Take 'Em.

Having the immune system of a newborn and all, Lord knows I’d probably be dying on my aunt’s couch right now if I didn’t take my vitamins every day.

Again, use my stories as cautionary tales for yourself, your friends or you kids. And always remember to take those One-a-Days with food. Trust me.

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