Texting the Ouija: adventures in clairvoyance

| October 31, 2011

When you’re too old for treats, you look for tricks. Every year when Halloween creeps up there’s a mysterious feeling in the air, one that no one can ignore. Perhaps it’s the darker side of one’s character that feels drawn to the macabre. I remember that when I stopped going door to door for candy I grew more interested in the cult aspects of the pagan holiday. This curiosity lead to my first experience with the Ouija board.

If you’re not familiar with the mystery of the Ouija board, it’s a board game that’s supposed to become a portal of communication between the human and the spirit world. There are those who think it’s a joke, those who believe in it’s powers, and those who won’t mess with it…period. I fell into the category of the bored and the brazen.

One chilly day in October of last year, a few friends and I packed up our board and headed to an abandoned distillery in Lexington, not too far away from UK’s campus. With only our cell phones as flashlights, we crept through the crumbling building. When we found the right spot, our little group sat down in preparation for a paranormal experience. Thankfully we had a glow-in-the-dark board, very classy indeed. Placing two fingers gently on the planchette, I began the conversation. The questions began with simple “yes” or “no” responses. I remember most of the conversation going like this:

Human: Are you male?

Spirit: Yes.

H: Did you die here?

S: Yes

H: Why were you here when you died?

S: I worked here.

H: What happened to bring about your death?

S: Accident with the machine.

H: Are you the only spirit here?

S: No.

H: How many spirits are with us right now?

S: Two.

H: What is your name?

S: Henry

H: What is your friend’s name?

S: Thomas

H: Is our presence causing you unrest?

S: No. We like you.

H: Thank you for talking with us. We need to leave now. Goodbye.

S: Goodbye.

It was at this moment, as we were closing the portal, that I saw something that sent goosebumps up my arms and legs. Across the room, in the pitch black I saw what looked like two silver lines of smoke. The smoke began to expand and take up more space, creating what looked like the silhouette of two bodies. The figures stood there for what must have only been a couple seconds, but long enough for me to see. And then just like they came, the spectres vanished into the air.

I’ve read more stories and heard some first-hand accounts of Ouija board experiences. There’s a strong belief among the community that these are not friendly Casper ghosts, but instead that they are intelligent demons that can physically and psychologically terrorize the people nearby. If you would like to spook yourself, read up on ZOZO, the Ouija demon.

This is my ghost story, and I have a feeling it won’t be my last.

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