Elizabeth McNulty – Beauty Queen at Breeders’ Cup

| November 16, 2011
Elizabeth McNulty.

Elizabeth McNulty.

From Baton Rouge to the Breeders’ Cup, former Miss Louisiana, Elizabeth McNulty, has experienced a whirlwind journey to the World Championships of horse racing.

About six months ago in Hollywood, Elizabeth was first introduced to her boyfriend Josh, who upon meeting her, asked Elizabeth if she’d like to go the Breeders’ Cup. McNulty’s answer at the time: “No, I don’t know you.”

But, after corresponding through email and text message, Elizabeth decided to take up Josh’s offer for dinner, and the next thing she knew, she was standing beside the Queen at her first-ever horse racing event at Ascot Racecourse.

I caught up with Elizabeth during The Voice-Tribune’s Fascinator & Fedora Friday contest at Breeders’ Cup to learn about her career in the spotlight and her experience with the world of horse racing.

What all have you become involved with since your days as Miss Louisiana?

I kind of fell into acting, haphazardly. I always say if I knew what I was doing, I would’ve started when I was 12 because apparently that’s when you’re supposed to. I love it. I moved out to West Hollywood after I got an agent and a manager. Now I’ve got commercial agents and a lot of stuff going on.

Do you prefer serious or comedic roles?

Well I’m a giant dork – I’m always falling over. I like Anne Hathaway, and her kind of roles. I’ve always said if I could base my career off anyone it would be Julia Roberts because she gets to be dramatic and she gets to be beautiful but she also gets to be funny and she gets to be a mom. How can you not want that?

Do you have any other endeavors you’re working toward?

I’ve always thought it was funny – I’ve been lucky enough to model and it’s nothing I’ve ever really pursued. I’ve done a lot of commercials and print modeling.

What do you think about your first time at Churchill Downs?

It’s a beautiful, beautiful facility. I love that there’s history here. I always think its funny that the Kentucky Derby is the most well-known race in America even though it’s not the biggest. It’s great to see it.

Elizabeth and boyfriend, Josh.

Elizabeth and boyfriend, Josh.

Where did you find your fascinator for Breeders’ Cup?

I actually helped design it. I knew I wanted the horseshoes because of Josh’s father. I also wanted it to look abstract with snow or leaves, which I’m sure must be great to hear for a hat designer.

What do you enjoy most about horse racing?

The best part about horse racing to me is learning about the families, the trainers. It’s a lifestyle for those people. It’s just been so fun to watch the horses get better and better. I totally see how people get completely enamored and enthralled by it and make it their love and their passion.

photos by JACOB ZIMMER | contributing photographer

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    Hat by the lovely Polly Singer of Hate and Veils in Lexington, Kentucky!! She so great to work with!