| June 21, 2010

WOWZERS WHAT A WEEKEND!,  It was actually a doozie of a week”¦.but we are just going to review the wonderful – wild weekend.

Friday was night racing at Churchill — and we sponsored the 7th race”¦”¦and my buddies horse WON the 7th race”¦ circle had never looked finer!!

—going off the mark for a minute—just a couple of things I want to throw out there— ARCTIC chill cups from Thornton’s—ROCK!!!!,  Use to be a polar pop junkie”¦.but now that ARCTIC cups are only 89cents and I love me some Thornton’s'”¦..I’ve actually started a club—- we call ourselves the “˜A Team’.,  I’ll go ahead and make a bet with you”¦..if you see me anytime this summer and I have a beverage”¦and it’s not in an A TEAM cup”¦.you should hurry back and bring me one”¦..giggles”¦.just sayin”¦..

And another thing just off the cuff”¦”¦MUNCHKIN and MULEKICK”¦.two words you just don’t get to say often enough.

Okay”¦.now back to the weekend.,  Saturday had to be at the hanger EARLY to set-up for the evenings Cabo Wabo Summer Fling”¦..and set-up in the heat can be a bugger.,  Especially when peeps are laying at my pool—without me., ,  RUDE!!!,  And then they have the gumph (sound it out, it’s a Terra word- work with me) to text me their lunch orders”¦.I swear”¦.I need new peeps”¦”¦where do I put in that order?!?!!?,  “¦just sayin”¦..not so much!

Set-up for Cabo entails picnic table’s placement, stage set-up, garbage can assembling, banner hanging, and tab tasting (I am the official “˜make sure all the tabs for the brews work – so I have to test and taste all the brews at set-up”¦we have about 8 flavors””YAY and YUM).,  Cabo Wabo is a good ol’ fashion KEGGER!!!,  for adults!,  I don’t know who hasn’t been to one of our events”¦..but the summer event just ROCKS OUT!!!,  It’s in a freakin HANGER!!—hello!!!,  Cold beer, AWESOME band (Eight Inch Elivs is da bomb diggity!!!!),  and a party in hanger— doesn’t really get any better.,  Danced soooo much I bruised my feeties!

I am officially now an Eight Inch Elvis groupie!!!,  I got the shirt to prove it! (and they let me play on the drums)…..such an awesome weekend”¦..that I ended it laying poolside at a buds pool party.,  REALLY”¦.all I could do was lay there”¦..feet BRUISED!!!,  “¦.just sayin”¦.

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