Apps for the holidays

| December 22, 2010

This holiday season promises to see a lot of iPad, iPhone, and Android cheer being spread by loved ones. But what apps should you put on your phone once you receive it?

From the power user to the trendy hipster, apps enhance your smartphone experience and unlock your phone’s potential. Here are a few apps that can help make your smartphone even smarter. Just search for them on your App Store or Market.

For the professional: ProOnGo
Turn your smartphone into an everyday business tool that makes expense documentation easy and accurate. Take a picture of your receipt, and the program stores a photo copy of the receipt (IRS approved) for you. Then, it automatically reads the necessary information, and creates a comprehensive expense report you can import into Quickbooks, Quicken or Excel. Real-time expense reporting saves you, your accountant and your employees hours of precious time.

For the kids: iQuarium
iQuarium is marketed as more of a “responsibility” than a game. Upon download, you are the owner of a frisky little fish that lives on your smartphone. Your fish can thrive or suffer within its environment based on your attentiveness. Just like with any pet, playing with the fish by swiping/tapping your finger keeps it happy and healthy. You can feed it daily, which will help it grow. However, failure to do so for periods of four to six days will cause it to get sick and eventually die. The fish is lifelike and the tank graphics are photo-realistic. The entire app interface is excellent.

Great time wasters: Ball Bounce
This is pretty self-explanatory, but Ball Bounce is a great way to see the capabilities of your smartphone. It offers very realistic physics and graphics when spinning or bouncing. You can even take a picture of someone and place it directly on a ball, which could be a fun stress reliever if you can sneak a picture of a boss or co-worker.
Ankur Gopal is COO of Agent 511, a mobile tech strategy and development firm. When he’s not trying to figure out how his smartphone can make him breakfast, he is replying to e-mails at

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