John Wilson

| August 31, 2011
John Wilson

John Wilson


My father died when I was 11 years old. I was raised by four women: my mother and three sisters. There was never Sports Illustrated around in my house. There was always Vogue, Seventeen or Essence. My sisters would not let me even think about leaving the house if I was not “all together.” So at a young age, I had to pay attention to what I was wearing. I learned how to tie a tie in Jet magazine. However, I still have trouble with bow ties.

Fashion Heroes

My fashion hero is my father. Even though he is no longer with me, I still admire his style. He owned a barber shop, so he instilled in me how important it was for a man to always look his best from head to toe. His style was classic, and he always wore hats and so do I. My favorite fashion house is Versace. There will never be another Gianni Versace period.

Favorite Places to Shop

When I shop online, I go to Street Moda because they are local and Matt, the CEO, is a good friend of mine. I also go to Gilt Groupe. Gilt has a warehouse in my hometown of Shelbyville. When I shop in town, I first start at Good Will, Cherry Bomb and Nitty Gritty. Why? Because I can almost guarantee that if I go to the mall, someone else will have the same thing on. I have learned in my older years to wait until I am out of town. I frequent South Beach, Chicago and Cincinnati to get those “special” pieces.


My only passion in life is GOD. I don’t care who knows it or what they think – without him, I am not the “best” at anything. By putting him first he has blessed me to be the “best” I can be.

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  1. Mike R says:

    Timeless style, amazing taste and a classy man. Hands down our favorite. Congrats!
    Mike and Jason