Chad and Chelle Wabrek

| August 31, 2011
Chad and Chelle Wabrek

Chad and Chelle Wabrek


In a house with three young boys, it’s difficult to find time to attend all of their sporting events, let alone wash the endless pile of clothes. Luckily, Chad does all the laundry and I shout the loudest at their games.

As a New Orleanean, I am proud to say our children have never missed a Mardi Gras, and they will be mortified when I tell you that they have great fun dressing in costume for Carnival.

We spend a lot of time attending sporting events together as it’s important to me that the three boys support one another as they play. We have made a family commitment to go to all of Collegiate’s lacrosse games together to support Chad and those team members, all of whom feel like part of our extended family.

Fashion Heroes

Beyond the influence of the renegade artist Frida Kahlo and her ability to make every day a fiesta, I grew up in the shadow of a grandmother with excellent taste and a best friend who moved to Paris in our near-youth to be trained by Yves St. Laurent. My grandmother lived in New York City in the 1920s, and to this day her Ferragamo pumps are as pristine as the day she bought them. She was a woman unafraid to take a risk, in fashion or otherwise, and some of my most valued fashion items were those that she wore as a Jeune Fille in the Big Apple.

New Orleaneans are known for their ability to overdo it, and when my friend Jacques decided he was going to work in fashion, he moved to Paris where he became a pattern maker for Yves St. Laurent.

Having worked for numerous major design houses since he moved to New York, (Ralph Lauren, Vera Wang and now Jason Wu), he always found time to experiment with his own designs. For our wedding, he made me a dress embellished with black ostrich feathers that floated all over the skirt of the dress.

Favorite Place to Shop

We spend a lot of time in New Orleans, and I have a few favorite haunts there for fashion treasures.

In our first year teaching at Collegiate, my room parent bought me a gift certificate to Circe, and I discovered a store that made me very happy because I can’t resist beautiful things. Laura Lee and Jennifer have excellent taste, and I never leave Circe disappointed.

A few years ago my husband discovered my love for the Tarina Tarantino jewelry at Luna Boutique and knew this was his “out” for birthday and holiday shopping.

However, my favorite necklace EVER is a clear stone on a chain that looks like a glitter ice cube given to me by Owsley Robinson. He plucked the item from his father’s store, The Lee Robinson Company, for my 40th birthday.

This summer our dear friend David Levine helped open an amazing gallery called Salvo, which is a hand-to-home collective featuring unique furniture, art and gifts made from found items. Chad bought a clutch for me there made by Sue Schofield who re-purposes textiles.


We love to be together. As our boys are young, we spend a lot of time following their passions, which are largely sports related. Weekends are spent driving from soccer game to football game to lacrosse game and in both of our classrooms at Collegiate where all the boys know how to laminate and use the copy machines like pros.

We love road trips and think nothing of driving to New Orleans for the weekend to see family and eat beignets for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

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